Photo Story Description – Unit 5

Assignment Criteria - Post a full description of the photo story you intend to present at the end of Unit 5. Include a list of at least five photographs you intend to take for this story, describing them using the language of visual grammar, portraiture, lighting, and compositional elements. The topic of my Photo Story … Continue reading Photo Story Description – Unit 5


Environmental Portrait – Unit 4

Assignment Criteria - Shoot an environmental portrait of someone in your neighborhood or community, edit appropriately, and provide a narrative description of your approach and technique. Tell us some about the person as well. I really liked the idea of an environmental portrait. I have never taken a picture like this before and it really … Continue reading Environmental Portrait – Unit 4

Wide, Medium, Close – Unit 4

Assignment Criteria - Shoot a sequence of wide, medium, and close (detail) shots of the same scene or event. Edit all three photographs and provide a narrative description of your approach and technique. The picture featured above represents my take on a wide shot. I wanted to give the viewer a look at what they … Continue reading Wide, Medium, Close – Unit 4

Name Banner – Unit 2

Assignment Criteria - Create your name in images as outlined in the project, and put it together into a single canvas. Describe how you went about finding, selecting, and photographing the objects you used to spell your name. I definitely think I went about this assignment with a selective focus and lighting style in mind. … Continue reading Name Banner – Unit 2

Editing – Unit 2

Assignment Criteria - Select two of your photographs that need some editing. Post the original and the edited photographs, along with commentary, to your blog. 'A Warm Winter Day' The two images above showcase a common ground squirrel relaxing in an oak tree. Before the shot he was rather curious and alert, as a Cooper's Hawk had … Continue reading Editing – Unit 2