Editing – Unit 2

Assignment Criteria – Select two of your photographs that need some editing. Post the original and the edited photographs, along with commentary, to your blog.

‘A Warm Winter Day’

The two images above showcase a common ground squirrel relaxing in an oak tree. Before the shot he was rather curious and alert, as a Cooper’s Hawk had flown across our backyard in search of a meal elsewhere. The original shot was good, but I thought it could use a bit more. The shot on the left is before, and after, on the right.

I added a bit of vibrance to the image to bring out the color of both the foreground and the background. Utilizing the rule of thirds I positioned the squirrel and branch of the tree to further grab the viewer’s attention. I also added a bit of clarity and contrast, as well as dodging and toning in the form of the light and dark sliders in Lightroom. This brought out the shadows, and I believe drew more attention and clarity to the subject.

‘Nature’s Gaze’

Above is a picture I have chosen that represents black and white well. The subject in this image seems very passionate about nature. The original (on the left) was again a good shot, but there was something about it I felt needed changing. The water level of the Maumee River rose due to rain and good weather, leaving the sidewalks of the River Green Way littered with leaves and sticks.

I again utilized the rule of thirds for this image, to set the subject on the left side of the image. This aids in bringing the picture together, and tying it in with the title, Nature’s Gaze. I bumped up the contrast to bring about a bit of clarity, and to darken the shadows. I adjusted the whites a bit, and brought down the highlights so you could make out some of the subjects face; since the light was direct and towards the subject. Finally I set the image to a neutral image tone, black and white. I felt this added to the overall feel of the image and simplicity, rather than a more complex distracting variation of colors.


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