Name Banner – Unit 2

Assignment Criteria – Create your name in images as outlined in the project, and put it together into a single canvas. Describe how you went about finding, selecting, and photographing the objects you used to spell your name.

untitled-1I definitely think I went about this assignment with a selective focus and lighting style in mind. I did not want to saturate the image with colors, instead went for a more neutral color approach.

B- The first letter in my name was definitely the most hard to come by. I was walking around my house for a little while trying to think of things to photograph. I stumbled upon one of our bar stools and thought it would make a good lowercase b. When cropped and positioned right.

R- The R in my name was another challenge. They are all over the place, however I wanted to find something different. Rather than a tree or a light pole. We have an end table in our living room and I had to kind of twist my head to see it but once I did I really liked the photo. There is a subtle purple background from the sunlight hitting the drapes. I had to flip the image horizontally as well as rotate a couple times.

A- I could not resist. As soon as I remembered we had this bottle I just had to take a picture of it. It was also in my favor for this project. I thought it resembled an uppercase A. It was sitting on our fireplace, but I wanted to brighten the image. I took it into the sunlight and sat it on top of a white couch we have. I like how the light from the sun came through the bottle, also over exposing the image in the background so the foreground could be properly exposed.

E- For my first E, There was an old chair we have sitting in from of our computer. The vertical bars represented something of an E to me. I rotated the image of course, but I thought it came out good. I also liked the lighting in this image, not a strong directional light, but more of a diffused light, to place in the middle of my banner and brighten the whole image.

D- I have not gotten much into framing within my images. I thought about it for a previous project, but figured I would save it for later. This was a perfect time to utilize framing. My parent’s master bedroom had a big half circle window with a little rainbow gem positioned in the middle. I utilized framing to capture this image. I under exposed the foreground so the background could be properly exposed. I like how you can still see the wood trim as well as the drapes in the image, just barely.

E- The second E was more of an easy find for me. I went outside to do some looking around and thought I would take a picture of our wooden deck. I feel like this image brought more brown to my banner as a whole, but I also thought that was a good thing to keep the colors neutral as to not draw the viewer\s attention elsewhere, rather than searching for the letters in the banner.

N- This was a fun image to find and take. I was talking to my mother in the kitchen and she told me that I needed to drive her to the store so we could get some supplied for some drinks later. Frozen fruit, Malibu, that kind of stuff. I told her that I needed to find an N for our name banner assignment. I looked over at our dining room table and noticed that the chain that holds our light resembled a lowercase n. I also made the decision of not wanting to rotate this image, so I lied down on the counter upside down to get this shot.


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