Photo Story Description – Unit 5

Assignment Criteria – Post a full description of the photo story you intend to present at the end of Unit 5. Include a list of at least five photographs you intend to take for this story, describing them using the language of visual grammar, portraiture, lighting, and compositional elements.

The topic of my Photo Story that I intend to focus on is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, all of the people that make it possible, and some of the animals along the way. I plan to put my focus on the Zoo’s mission and how it impacts the community as well as the in depth look at what it takes to run a zoo. The general public go to the zoo and have a great time but most do not know what happens during the off season, or even behind the scenes. I want to tell the story of the zoo and take people behind the scenes of what it is really like to work at a zoo, and to be apart of an amazing mission.

I have some ideas for some pictures off the bat. I initially want to take some pictures of the front sign and of the main mission boards. I have this idea of getting really low to the ground and looking up at the main sign to the zoo. It seems like everyone always looks down on it, and I want to give it a different angle than one everyone is used to. I have ideas of showing some of the areas from different angles; some in black and white to show that the zoo has been here for awhile and is undergoing possible construction/changes in the off season. I also want to take pictures of some of the keepers doing their daily husbandry and some training if possible. I want to get an action shot of the water shooting out of a hose. The keeper blurred but the water shooting really close to me while focusing more on the water, but keeping the zookeeper the main focus point. I also want to take some pictures of what the animals eat, herbivores to carnivores. I think getting some images of the really iconic places and things in the zoo and giving a little information about them would add to a good story as well. I am sure I will get a lot of ideas as I walk around the zoo more, I already have so many. There is a lot I could talk about, but I am going to narrow it down to the animals, the zookeepers, and the mission of the zoo.

I would like to take a short interview of one of the keepers, how they got interested in Zookeeping and why they do it, what makes them happy. I would like to share the story of how the zoo started and why it is still around today. Furthermore, I would like to show how zoos like the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo make such an impact in both local and global conservation efforts, and how they inspire people to care.


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