Wide, Medium, Close – Unit 4

Assignment Criteria – Shoot a sequence of wide, medium, and close (detail) shots of the same scene or event. Edit all three photographs and provide a narrative description of your approach and technique.

IMG_3805The picture featured above represents my take on a wide shot. I wanted to give the viewer a look at what they were getting into, and provide them with a background as to what the other pictures might entail. This picture set the scene and gave some context to my other images. I actually took this picture as I was leaving my family friend’s farm. Some of the other shots I did not like as much as this one. They included the house and other things that I did not think were necessary, like vehicles, light poles, and wires. I looked back as I was driving away and I knew that was the shot I wanted. The clouds were not too much, they allowed for some blue to shine through and I liked them in the shot instead of just a bright blue sky. The snow dotted around also gives the idea that there might not be much happening outside in the fields, rather there is more going on behind the scenes; feeding and taking care of animals.

IMG_3792I really enjoyed taking this next image. I feel like this medium image contrasts the wide shot in the sense that there is actually some work being done on the farm. The hay loft is filled with bedding for the cows, as well as a crane so the farmer can lift the bales into the loft.  I wanted something that represented an older farm, a farm that does not see much action, except for on the weekends when the farmer has time from his other day job. This picture did not look good to me in color especially with the overpowering sun glare in the middle. This can be seen in front of the ladder, although it is much less of an eye sore in black and white. I really enjoyed the way the light came through the window providing enough to see, and creating a soft crepuscular ray onto one of the hay bales.

IMG_3816This close up shot of some grain along with some other colorful seeds brings detail to the farm story. I thought this picture could bring life to the farm story, to show there is life on the farm and that there are things that need to eat. This brings up the question that maybe the farmer spilled some grain, the animals have not finished eating, or have yet to eat. This also represents some of the work done by the farmer. He may have bought some of the other seeds and grain, and grown the corn to feed his animals himself. I like close up shallow depth of field shots like this because it puts major emphasis on what you want the viewer to look at; you also get a bit dirty from laying on the ground in the process.


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