Photographer Research – Unit 3

Lions MM7947

Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, a native of Alabama and born in 1952, is always inspired by animals and the world around him. He utilizes his skills to tell stories in the form of wildlife and environmental issues; furthermore, he is best known for his mission to preserve the world around us through photography.

His career started in the Army when he was drafted and later stayed on to be a photographer, and later went back to school to get his degree in photography. Michael later met his mentor Charles Moore, at the University of North Alabama. He began his career in 1979, working for GEO Magazine. Starting from 1989 he had published more than 30 articles for National Geographic, and in the same year was in collaboration with Jane Goodall.

Michael has published a couple books “Earth to Sky” and “The Last Place on Earth”, along with being featured in numerous National Geographic Magazines for his photography and stories. He has also won “Award-Winning Photographer” from Word Press Photo for the years of 1992, 1996, 2003, and 2007. Michael was also named Photographer of the year in 2014.

Michael’s whole life as been about sharing and looking at images. He started with back yard slide shows and later founded the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia in the year 2007.

Michael currently lives in Sugar Hollow, VA, with his wife, artist Reba Peck. This is Michael’s first time without an assignment in 40 years. Michael has a therapy puppy, an australian cattle dog, Thermal. He says they can be hired for performance art with a frisbee.


I did recently find a great website for a good collection of Michael’s photography, including his website where his works can be found.

Michael’s Website and National Geographic Creative


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